Virus Moalisa & How to Solve (English Ver.)

posted on 09 Oct 2006 17:22 by keztudio in Virus

Since I had released the MoalisA Virus in Thai language, I'm really pleased that some of foreigners are interested in my blog. I am going to explain the MoalisA Virus and how to solve it in the entry.

Actually, this virus name it "MoalisA" but most people think that I made a mistake with spelling. No, it is "MoalisA" not "Monalisa" (or maybe it is Monalisa but the virus writer forgot to add "n" ;p).

Moalisa comes from, actually, the MSN messenger, YAHOO messenger or some of instants messenger.

The first time you was infected by Moalisa, when you are trying to send your messeges to your friends, it is automatically sent the virus URL.

(WARNING: please do not click if you don't trust your Anti Virus!!).


As you may know, it is automatically sent the virus URL to the people in your contact list even you try to change your display name or pictures or insert some emotion icons.

The computer will alert the dialog box said:

Fatel Error: Kernel32.dll can't be loaded.

- At your desktop it will appear the Moalisa.jpg and if you open it you will see Monalisa.

- Unable to do aright click.

- Unable to open Control Panel.

- Unable to open Task Manager.

- start menu is disappeared.

- Virus Scan is disabled.

- Default IE address is the Monalisa Page.

- When you are trying to shutdown the Windows, it says updated are being installed (1 of 1)...(unable to shutdown the Windows).

How to Solve this virus:

There are3 ways to solve this problem.

1. Go to save mode (press F8 while you are starting your Windows).

- Go to system restore and choose the several previous days you thought the virus was not infected yet.

I am not sure this is working well or not but you can do a right click, go to Task Manager or something else.

2. Use PANDA to scan your computer, I recommended because PANDA can do this.

3. If you want your computer to be clean, I recommended you to format your Harddisk and install a new Windows or Linux which is very good (try Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Red Hat). After format and setup a new Windows try to update your antivirus and don't trust a strange messages or links.

Hope it will help you as much as its could...

Thank you for interested in my blog (gonna have Lao version soon...).




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Thank you so much ^^

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ขอบคุนค่ะ ถึงแม้ว่าจะไม่ได้ตอบกลับมาก็ตาม

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5555 monalisa อ่านผ่านๆตอนแรกเป็นยังงี้จริงด้วย อิอิ

ว่าแต่จะเขียนภาษาลาวด้วยหรอเนี่ย @_@"

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cool cool man !

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จึ๋ย... ขอดิกชันนารี 1 เล่มมาเป็นตัวช่วยได้มั้ยคะ T_T

ทั้งไดฯอ่านออกคำเดียว คำว่า "PANDA" อะ หมายถึงหมีแพนด้าใช่มั้ยคะ เอิ้กๆ

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อ่า ธีมน่าสนใจครับ

มึนครับ แหะๆ กับไวรัส เป็นภาษาอังกฤษที่น่าสนใจ


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เหอๆ คิดได้ไงเนี้ย ธีมใหม่
(เอะ!! หรือว่าตูโง่เอง + +)
อันนี้ เวอช์ภาษาอังกฤษ มานั่งแปลกันเร็ว มามะ

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